21 Day Challenge – Parenting And Self Reflection

Happiness Choice

Debbie and Laurin continue their discussion on their 21 day challenges. Come join us as we find out how Laurin is doing with her challenge to quit yelling at her kids. Debbie has chosen getting to know yourself better. See if they have risen to the challenge!!

Today we once again let you know how our 21 day challenge is going. Quit yelling at your kids and knowing yourself better are the two challenges that we picked. Listen and see if Debbie has been doing some self-reflection and has she learned anything about herself! Find out if Laurin has been able to change the attitudes in her household. Interesting ideas will be shared so please come and join us!

Stay tuned for a lively discussion with the two of us…. figure out which challenges you need to work on.

Discussion Points:

  • Getting to know yourself better is a lot of self-reflection are you ready for it?
  • Have some of the tools you’ve learned helped in your everyday life?
  • Are you attracted to simplicity or abundance?
  • Have you cut out any distractions so you can focus more on your family?
  • Are you focused on the really important things going on in your life?