A Day In The Life Of A Busy Lady

A Day In The Life Of A Busy Lady

We are all busy ladies.  Each one of us has our own version of crazy and hectic that we embrace and vent about sometimes.  It’s so important for us as women to support each other in our crazy lives and not hold competitions about whose life is busier or more important.  It was really interesting to hear about women in different walks of life and their daily routines.

Debbie and Anaya discuss the differences with three other busy lady lives.  One is a single woman who is career oriented then we have a retired grandmother and finally a mom with 4 kids who is going to school full time.  We also compare our days and even though most of us talk to each other on a daily basis, it is fascinating to hear how others go through their day.  Anaya and Debbie will both admit we were tired just listening to the mom with 4 kids!

Each day is unique and we should embrace it with all the craziness or peace it may bring. Laurin, Debbie’s daughter-in-law even mentioned when things don’t go the way we plan it is our way of having a time out and gathering our thoughts.

Listen in and see if you can relate to our discussion and then send us feedback or tell us about your day we would love to hear about it!

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