Achieving Balance In A Chaotic World

Every year I choose a word to help guide me through the year and this year my word is Balance.

Just like everyone else I felt out of balance last year during all the chaos. I wanted to change that this year so I chose Balance as my word and then started some research on how to do that. I just want to share what I have learned.

Here are a few tips for living a balanced life:

  1. It is important that you remember to take care of yourself and know that you cannot accomplish anything if you are unhealthy.
  2. Knowing what your priorities are. You cannot do every activity possible and don’t try to either.
  3. Organize and plan ahead and this will help you create an efficient mindset.
  4. Always be prepared to expect the unexpected.
  5. Above all else maintain a positive mental attitude.

How to achieve emotional balance:

  1. Breathing. When you watch your breathing it will let you know if you are becoming stressed.
  2. Practice gratitude. As others have stated write down 3 things at the end of your day of that which you are grateful for and you will find it will help change your attitude.
  3. Honestly feel what you are feeling. Do not deny your feelings.
  4. Use your senses-what do you see, what do you smell, what do you taste, what do you touch, what do you feel. Stay focused and be aware of your surroundings.
  5. Feeling stressed-go outside for a walk, stand and stretch at your desk, and do some deep breathing.
  6. Reflect. You can learn from your experiences whether they are negative or positive.
  7. Let you mind wander, close your eyes and relax.

However you choose to balance your life between family, spiritual time, work and free time just make sure it works for you and adjustments can be made anytime.

This is your life and you have to find the perfect balance for yourself.