Achieving Milestones and Show 100 Celebration

Busy Ladies Show 100

Today we talk about our milestones!!! We also celebrated our 100th show and we  had so much fun doing it. We would like to thank everyone who sent us feedback and we are so glad that you enjoy our show.

Have you set your goals for the year? When you accomplish that goal do you automatically make another one?  We try to be the best we can trying to better ourselves from support of our family, friends, and coworkers.  We can achieve anything ladies!  Make sure when you set your goals they are reachable so you can accomplish that specific milestone.  Laurin and Anaya discuss what they have managed to accomplish while working and raising a family.  Debbie talks about her fitness plan and what milestone she has accomplished.


Starting and continuing my fitness routine.  I am gaining confidence every day that I continue with it.  Even though my Curves is closing I am looking into other avenues so that I can continue to stay with it. I have just done my 200th workout.


A  Memory Milestone: Getting my 10 Year Pin at the District Wide Meeting

  • I remember my first meeting, seeing those teachers get pins and plaques, thinking I’ll never make it there
  • We stopped having the meeting for the last 4 or 5 years due to budget cuts
  • Walking across that stage in front of 1600 employees!
  • Encouragement for the next 10

A Future Milestone: graduating with my Masters Degree

  • It’s been 10 years since I’ve been in school
  • My grandfather always wanted me to get my Masters
  • It means more to me now than it would have right after college
  • Love learning, encouraging my kids
  • A dear friend, head of the dept., will be hooding me as I cross the stage


Milestones:  I have been working on another Prana Flow 200 hour teacher training.  I completed it a week ago.

  • I am currently working on making new goals as a teacher changing my schedule and making my family life top priority.
  • After all this time I put in I am minimizing my schedule I have realized as a busy person There will always be opportunities to teach when the time is right.

Future Milestones:

  • Continue my education with prana flow I want to complete 500 hours of training within the next 2 years I am 100 hours away
  • I am also working on my personal training certification I will complete that this year before I start more yoga trainings
  • Working on completing Happiness at home
  • I want to keep learning and growing as a yoga teacher as I keep learning and going deeper I feel I am trying to really find the true yoga of life. Going with the flow and trying to keep things peaceful.