Are You An Authentic Woman?

be authentic

be authenticJoin us as we tackle the subject of being an authentic women. Do you talk about other women behind their backs?  Are you being true to yourself? As women and as role models to our sons, daughters, and others we need to treat women with respect and not be judgmental.  We have no idea what other women are going through so is it fair to talk about them to others?  We should be walking up to them and telling them we are there for them and they have our support.

We don’t need to know what they are going through but they need to know we are there for them.  Just a small kind word a day to someone can change their whole day. It is very important that women build each other up and not tear each other down. Set a goal of saying something positive to one person a day and as you do this it will get easier and you will notice a change in yourself also.

We are so busy comparing ourselves and our lives to other women that we are missing out on the good things in our own lives. We are the hardest on ourselves and we carry this over to others. If you are on social media you should be using this platform as a way to encourage others.

There are so many positive women in our world and we need to learn from them. Look at all the many positive websites we can choose from to help us on our way.  We should make a pledge to ourselves to be nicer and more supportive of those around us and strive to be a positive force.