Being Positive At Work, Home And In Public

Being Positive

Positivity is vital in the workplace, at home and with the public. Debbie, Laurin, Colleen and Anaya share techniques with you how they work to be positive in these different environments. Do you try to keep your family life positive?  Do you try to treat others as you would like to be treated? As we discuss ways to achieve being positive, see if any of the items we list will help you in everyday life. It really doesn’t matter how old you are everyone needs to be encouraged every once in a while. Share with us some of your ideas so we can use them also.

Discussion Items

  • Are you positive in the workplace? How are you positive?
  • How do you try to keep your family feeling positive when things are rough?
  • Can you encourage someone with just a simple statement on a chalkboard or a bulletin board?
  • Do you encourage others when you see them doing a great job or do you tear them down?
  • Smile, engage, listen, learn, support, build up don’t tear down, be mindful of others and their feelings.  BE POSITIVE!!!