Going Green, Recycling and Getting Rid of E-Waste

Women’s Perspective on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: going green and your global footprint.

Show Notes

Debbie, Laurin, and Colleen cover their perspectives on the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle in this week’s Busy Ladies episode.

1)    Going Green: Discuss what going green means in our daily lives and how going green doesn’t just mean recycling paper and aluminum cans, but also thinking about ways we can reduce our consumption.

2)    E-waste: Getting rid of your e-waste in an environmentally friendly manner including giving it to Goodwill, using your local resources such as e-waste drop off days, or selling/giving away for others to learn how to fix.

3)    Clothes Swap: Have you ever thought of having a clothing swap party?? This is a great way to get a new outfit, socialize with your friends, and save money and gas on shopping. Most importantly, swapping clothes with others will help reuse goods.

4)    Global/Carbon Footprint – how does your recycling, reducing, and reusing impact the world? Or, how does your car use, where your produce comes from, and your electricity effect the world? Discussion on how your lifestyle impacts the resources on the earth.

5)    Simple Ways to Help: a) Buy reusable bags to wrap presents in order to reduce paper waste and to help others use less paper/plastic bags at the store b) use scratch paper when possible and c) use goods around the room to make crafts with your kids.

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