Budgeting and cost saving techniques

Does the holiday season have you thinking about your budget and ways to save money? Are you in charge of the family finances and need to cut costs? Listen to Busy Ladies as they discuss ways to organize your budget including use of Google docs and mint.com, utilizing coupons/promotional codes, and meal planning.

Show Notes

Our topic for today is frugal ideas and budgeting tips

  • Google doc spreadsheet for budgeting
  • Google-voice saves on long distance and texting
  • Netflix and Hulu subscription instead of cable
  • Doubling recipes and freezing to have something to eat on busy night to not buy fast food
  • Making a menu to track meals – don’t double buy items already in your cupboard, freezing for another meal
  • Mint keeps track of finance for free–mint.com
  • Goodwill and Craigs List for used items
  • Madcoupons
  • Target – debit card
  • Plato’s closet
  • Use of promotional codes(pinching your pennies), paying down credit card, keeping track of payments – no late fees (calendar w/stick notes)