Busy Ladies 21 Day Challenge

Debbie and Laurin talk about a new series from the happiness project. They are doing a 21 day challenge and Laurin has chosen to quit yelling at my kids and Debbie has chosen getting to know yourself better. Interesting concepts are discussed so please join us!


Listen in as we discuss how to stop yelling at your kids and knowing yourself better. Do you know how to quit yelling at your kids? How does it make everyone feel while you are yelling? Do you really know yourself or do others think they know you better. The 21 day challenge will help you with both of these issues. We each choose a different challange so we would have more to discuss with you! Please share with us some of your experiences so we can all become better parents and better people.

Discussion Points:

  • Do you yell at your kids everyday?
  • Do you really know yourself or do you just think you do?
  • Behavior of children how to change it and how to reinforce good behavior
  • Have you find that the first day of change is always the hardest?
  • Are you a radiator or a drain?