be authenticJoin us as we tackle the subject of being an authentic women. Do you talk about other women behind their backs?  Are you being true to yourself? As women and as role models to our sons, daughters, and others we need to treat women with respect and not be judgmental.  We have no idea what other women are going through so is it fair to talk about them to others?  We should be walking up to them and telling them we are there for them and they have our support.

We don’t need to know what they are going through but they need to know we are there for them.  Just a small kind word a day to someone can change their whole day. It is very important that women build each other up and not tear each other down. Set a goal of saying something positive to one person a day and as you do this it will get easier and you will notice a change in yourself also.

We are so busy comparing ourselves and our lives to other women that we are missing out on the good things in our own lives. We are the hardest on ourselves and we carry this over to others. If you are on social media you should be using this platform as a way to encourage others.

There are so many positive women in our world and we need to learn from them. Look at all the many positive websites we can choose from to help us on our way.  We should make a pledge to ourselves to be nicer and more supportive of those around us and strive to be a positive force.

One of the greatest joys of life is becoming a Grandparent.  Certainly there are numerous phases of emotion and thought when the time approaches; however, life will reward you with a special gift.  Steve and Debbie discuss their lives with three Grandchildren and the impact it has had from the beginning to now being teenagers.  As Debbie states “They are the light of my life. They still like hanging out with us so that makes me super happy”.


  • Phases in finding out your are going to be a Grandparent – Shock, disbelief (I’m to young for that), happiness.
  • Difference between your own kids and grandkids.
  • Remembering your own Grandparents.
  • It’s a different type of relationship.
  • Watching our kids raising their own.
  • When distance becomes a factor.
  • Remember just be there for them.

For most, the holiday season is a busy and stressful time of the year but how do you balance time and health to make it an enjoyable experience.  Debbie and Anaya take on the topic of keeping yourself healthy physically and mentally during these times.  Follow your normal routine and eating regularly will help you stay on track and assist so you do not over indulge.

While traveling make sure you stay hydrated and keep snacks available in case of any delays in your plans. Chose your food and drink wisely and do everything in moderation.

Exercise, meditation, yoga or even prayer can be very beneficial to some during the holidays to keep them focused and calm. The key is not to get stressed out so that you can enjoy all the festivities.

The holidays can be especially hard for some if they have recently lost a loved one. The most important thing to try and do is share stories and special foods that they used to make.  Make them a part of the celebration.

Here is wishing all of our listeners a healthy and happy Holiday and a fantastic New Year.


emergency kitAnaya and Debbie discuss what you should have in the event of an emergency. There are a lot of emergencies that you can prepare for like earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, fires, mudslides. Do you have an emergency plan for your family? Does the school your child goes to have an emergency plan?

A checklist is a great item to have to ensure you covered all the bases. We share what we found that should be included in your emergency kits for your car, your home, and at your place of work.  We also discuss organizations that can give you tips on how to deal with emergencies and where you can go to be safe.  Please listen in and share with us the plans that you may already have in place.



FEMA Disaster Centers

Red Cross Checklist


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Anaya and Debbie discuss getting a yearly mammogram and doing monthly self checkups if you are under 40.  Early detection can help in treatment and take the time to ask your doctor questions. There are new treatments and drugs being invented everyday to combat this horrible disease.  Listen in as we tell you some of the ideas to show your support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be sure and be there for a family member or a friend as we don’t want any of our Busy Ladies to go through anything like this alone.


Additional Information

Maurer Foundation

Orchid Recovery Center


Kim TrumboDebbie is joined with Kim Trumbo from the Generosity Philosophy Podcast.  Join us as we listen to her story on how she got into podcasting, her love of podcasting, and how her show provides her the opportunity to share the generosity of others.  She shares with us how her podcast highlights the heroes who live to give and age is never a factor.

George The Generous GiraffeKim has written a book called George the Generous Giraffe.  We discuss why she thought it was important to write and how much fun she had. Kim continuously inspires others to do more and live by example.  Through our kids, grandkids, family and friends, being generous will encourage others around us to do the same.  Generosity can also be in the form of a talent you may have or just donating your time to a worthy cause it does not have to be monetary!

Kim is a very fascinating and interesting person to talk to. Full of life and energy and we are so glad she shares that with us through her podcasting and books.  Check out her podcast and also if you have children under the age of 8 (she is suggesting) then get her book off Amazon and read it to them or have them read it to you.  Spread generosity wherever you go!!!