Women’s Perspective on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: going green and your global footprint.

Show Notes

Debbie, Laurin, and Colleen cover their perspectives on the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle in this week’s Busy Ladies episode.

1)    Going Green: Discuss what going green means in our daily lives and how going green doesn’t just mean recycling paper and aluminum cans, but also thinking about ways we can reduce our consumption.

2)    E-waste: Getting rid of your e-waste in an environmentally friendly manner including giving it to Goodwill, using your local resources such as e-waste drop off days, or selling/giving away for others to learn how to fix.

3)    Clothes Swap: Have you ever thought of having a clothing swap party?? This is a great way to get a new outfit, socialize with your friends, and save money and gas on shopping. Most importantly, swapping clothes with others will help reuse goods.

4)    Global/Carbon Footprint – how does your recycling, reducing, and reusing impact the world? Or, how does your car use, where your produce comes from, and your electricity effect the world? Discussion on how your lifestyle impacts the resources on the earth.

5)    Simple Ways to Help: a) Buy reusable bags to wrap presents in order to reduce paper waste and to help others use less paper/plastic bags at the store b) use scratch paper when possible and c) use goods around the room to make crafts with your kids.

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The Busy Ladies address fitness and health.  Summer is approaching and it’s time to get FIT! Listen as Busy Ladies discuss food fitness, mental fitness, and physical fitness.

The Busy Ladies address home remedies some of which are pretty strange.


When the Busy Ladies address home remedies, baking soda, lysol, vinegar, and raw potato skins are just a few of the products discussed. Can you think of remedies you can use these products for? Listen to find out more!

Life after vacation can be a rough one as you adjust back into your routine of work, kids, and school. Listen as the Busy Ladies talk about their returning from vacation and getting back to daily tasks.


Show Notes

*  How to adjust back to life after a vacation? For example, what is your process of unpacking/laundry, etc.

*  Find you are tired from supposedly resting on your vacation–usually takes a couple of days to get back into the main stream of life.

*  How do you take care of bills?  usually try to pay ahead

*  How do you adjust to sleeping in your bed again? I usually fall into my bed glad that i am back home safe and sound–don’t always sleep good the first night back

Be sure and listen!

Listen has Debbie and Colleen discuss the ins and outs of relationships between mother and daughter. Don’t miss out on many of the great activities keeping their relationship growing and fun-filled.


Show Notes

These two Busy Ladies enjoy spending time together, but what to they enjoy doing together?

  • Movies
  • Plays
  • Shopping
  • Manicures and  pedicures
  • Baseball games
  • Tea parties
  • Sightseeing

Be sure and listen!

What’s cookin’ in our kitchens? Explore what we use for cooking inspiration, what we love and hate about cooking, and  our favorite cooking tools.

Show Notes

Inspirational People:

  • Rachel Ray
  • Bobby Flay
  • Collen Patrick-Guadraeu: This Vegan Table and 365 Days Vegan
  • Cooking shows – Cupcake Wars, Chopped

Are you a precision cooker/go by the recipe kind of cook or a just throw things together type of cook?

Favorite cooking tools:

  • Bread maker
  • Google to search for recipes
  • Vitamix blender
  • Pampered Chef deep covered baker

Is cooking relaxing or a chore for you?

So, what’s cookin’ in your kitchen?