Debbie is joined with Lemuela Christina Duskis the author of Your Body Relationship – Overcoming Weight Obsession.  Lemuela explains why she decided to write the book so let’s follow her journey to where she is today.  She has a fascinating personality and shares it with us through our conversation all on the Busy Ladies show.

Honoring your body and how to reach that goal

Debbie and Lemuela discuss how society has made it hard for women, men and children to love the body we are born with. Begin your relationship by talking to your body and asking yourself questions that she has written throughout her book.

By reading her book you can learn how to be a part of the Love your body cycle and not the Abuse your body cycle.  Acknowledge your thoughts about your body and witness the changes that will start to happen to your body and mindset.

body relationshipPurchase her book so that you can learn about your body relationship and enlighten yourself.  You can purchase it on Amazon.  Listen to today’s show for the deal that she is offering for the first 5 people who buy her book.   Lemuela has a facebook group page at: Your body relationship book club

What exactly does work ethic mean? From the dictionary it is defined as a belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character.  On this episode Anaya and Debbie talk about how to have a strong work ethic. Some of the characteristics you should have are integrity, a sense of responsibility, discipline, teamwork and and emphasis on quality.

What characteristics define your work ethic?  What do you observe in how others work around you?  Has there been a change in work ethic over the years?

Both of us grew up with parents that instilled in us an ethic that others today may not have. Do not expect others to be just like you. We are all unique in our own way. We were taught to take pride in what we do whether it be for an actual paycheck or just volunteering.

Whether you work outside your home or are a stay at home parent you can lead by example. Show your children how to work hard and prepare them to enter the world with a good work ethic and a sense of purpose. Teach them to be polite and courteous and to respect those they work with. These traits will carry you a long way whether on the job or everyday life.

Jump at the chance to take on a challenge and do the best job possible. Sometimes others may not even notice but rest assured someone is paying attention to you and is watching how you handle things that come your way. Expect the unexpected and adapt to your surroundings.

Constantly show others that you are willing to learn new things instead of falling back on the ‘I don’t know how to do that’ or ‘that isn’t my job.’

Share with others what your work ethic is and please tell the Busy Ladies some of your traits and/or secrets. Let us know if you have any favorite websites, books or articles that have assisted you in obtaining your excellent work ethic.

The Busy Ladies bring up the topic of how to be the perfect houseguest or host/hostess. Have you ever been a houseguest?  Have you ever been the host/hostess? Were you a good houseguest or were you one of those that will never be invited back? Do you know which one you are?  We let you in on a few secrets on how to be the best houseguest to ensure you are invited back.

Being a host/hostess can be hard work if you let it. We share ideas on how to make it smooth for both you and your guest. Listen as Anaya discusses her recent vacation and will share how her hostess treated them and how they responded.

Busy Ladies also address visiting your own family or having your family visit.  Debbie discusses her approach to guests and family including her method of the first time you visit you are a guest and the next time you visit, you are family.  This concept implies guests are welcome to anything in the refrigerator and pantry, but  help yourself, clean up after yourself and pitch in where needed. Don’t make your host/hostess work double only because you are on vacation.

Are you allowed to bring your pets with you for your visit?  Busy Ladies gives you tips including checking first with your host/hostess and don’t assume it will be okay. This also pertains to unexpected guests you may bring with you so use your manners by confirming all guests before showing up.

Treat their home better than you would treat yours. Be respectful, be courteous and above all else have the best time ever.  Find the local hot spots you can check out.  Don’t forget to say thank you as you leave from your visit!



The Busy Ladies discuss communication and how it has evolved over the years. Today, we can talk to our friends, family, and practically anyone we want to at the click of a button, but of course it wasn’t always that easy.  Today we are going to take a look back at how we kept ourselves connected in the age before social media and smartphones.

Do any of you remember writing long letters to loved ones that lived in different states or even other countries? Is sending letters a lost art? Sending cards and receiving them in the mail always makes us smile and during special occasions is even better. How about the days of using pay phones and pagers?  Yes, today’s communications technology and Social Media has changed the way we communicate but is it for the better?

Thank you to all of our listeners for your input and your memories of past days.



Join the Busy Ladies as we discuss spring cleaning and organization tips.  We share our tips on what works in order not be overwhelmed by the clutter we may have around us.

We are single women, married women, women with children, women with jobs, women who stay at home, and so much more. Staying organized is just one aspect of our busy daily routines. We all need to be appreciated for what we accomplish no matter how big or small!.

As busy women, family time is essential. We discuss how to incorporate your family into the cleaning and organizing process.  This will help you complete the task faster and instill habits in the whole family helping keep your house feeling neat, tidy, and calm.

Explore as the Busy Ladies share websites to help in your quest. These sites include checklists to help guide you in the right direction. Remember that while organizing you don’t have to get rid of something that is really special to you. Many times, once you’ve cleaned up, there is a new special place freed up to keep the heirloom.

Spring cleaning and organizing is essential in our daily routines. There is no reason to rush the process. Once you find a place for everything, you will save time and be able to find everything you need quickly. Take your first step by listening to BL episode 102 for the tips you need.


Join the Busy Ladies as we discuss how everyday women like to glam it up. Most of us don’t dress up for work on a daily basis so for those days when we need to take it up a notch, we may need some assistance.  We talk about the things we do to pamper ourselves and feel a little more taken care of.

It doesn’t matter if you wake up every morning and spend an hour in the bathroom or 20 minutes getting ready.  What matters is how you feel about yourself when you leave the house. You have to be content in your own skin. Love yourself and make sure you feel important from the inside out.

Do you pamper yourself with home spa treatments?  Do you get your nails done or do them yourself? It is very important that we take care of ourselves and make sure we feel our best. If we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of those around us? Each one of us is glamorous in our own way.