This is an incredible story of hope, love, loss, happiness, sadness, and faith.  With the loss of their newborn son Austin, Stephanie and Geoff Kallenberger established a non-profit organization, Action for Austin, to spread hope to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit children and families.   In this episode of Busy Ladies Debbie talks with Wendy Sides the grandmother of Austin.  Learn how this foundation came to be and why it is so important to the families of this adorable little boy they lost too soon.  Over the past two years the Action for Austin organization has provided gifts of love and encouragement to those facing very difficult times.

AustinIf you would like to donate your time or money, please go to and go to the events page.  Some of the items you can donate towards are little beanie hats for the babies that say “Miracle” on them, stuffed animals and most recently scent cloths.  Action for Austin also donates gift cards for the parents in a time of need.  Leave a message for either Stephanie or Geoff and they will be more than happy to speak with you about their foundation or if you need assistance in anyway.




For more information please visit:

Colleen, Anaya and Debbie each talk about their five favorite apps they just can’t  live without.  The ladies cover how each app works and its use throughout the day.  Do you have a specific app you use everyday and can’t live without.  Please let us know your favorite ones so that we can check them out!

Apps are a part of our daily life which can assist us through the day or enhance our job performance. There are apps to track bills, monitor your medicine and workouts and even listening to your favorite music.  We have a fun discussion so join in and enjoy our conversation.

Join us as we talk about the ups and downs of having food allergies and how it affects your everyday life. Listen in as we discuss how those food allergies affect our children/grandchildren and ourselves. Hopefully we can give you some helpful hints and tips in your journey to see if you may have any food allergies.

Should you go to your doctor to see what allergies you may have and to see if they are life threatening?  Following a special diet may be required depending on what your allergy may be.  You may have a hidden allergy and an elimination diet sheet can help you determine what it might be. Should you consider wearing a medical alert bracelet for your allergy. Kids today seem to have the most allergies could that be part of our environment?  The Busy Ladies discuss.
Discussion Points:

  • Do you or anyone in your family have a food allergy?
  • Do you have a special diet you need to follow?
  • Do you carry an EpiPen?
  • How do you tell others you have a food allergy?
  • Do you wear a medical bracelet for emergencies?

Reference Material

Laurin and Debbie discuss how they set up their back to school schedules. Debbie will tell some hints from when her kids were in school back in the day!!  Laurin will share with a more up to date version! Do you find it stressful or joyful when your kids go back to school? Do you ever feel lonely when they are all in school? Does family time become more important?  How do you squeeze in school sports, after school programs and homework? Does your house stay cleaner now or is it messier? Do you need some breakfast and lunch box ideas?

Discussion Points:

  • Don’t let going back to school stress you out.
  • Do you set up schedules that everyone in the family has to follow?
  • Do you have a certain area in your house for papers that need to be signed on?
  • Do you have a certain area that you keep all the backpacks, shoes, and jackets?

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Have you ever had a home disaster? Has your house or apartment ever been flooded or had a kitchen fire? Has it been damaged by an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or a typhoon? Believe me it can be downright scary!

Join Laurin and Debbie as we discuss our latest home disasters and the renovation process we went through. What should you do in an emergency? Do you have an emergency preparedness kit on hand? Do you know what to put in your emergency kit? If you have camping equipment, an RV or Motorhome what should you have ready to pick up at the moment the disaster strikes. We hope to give you some very helpful information and maybe you won’t stand looking at your home disaster without having an idea of what you need to do next. We will try to help take the panic and anxiety out of the process so please listen to our podcast for helpful hints.

Discussion Points:
Do you flashlights with batteries?
Do you candles and matches?
Do you have a bag near your front door of items to grab on your way out?
Do you have a list of items that you need to have handy that you can grab if needed?
Stop, breathe, do not panic you will be okay!

Are you waiting impatiently to get out of the same dull routine that we do when the kids are in school!!  Laurin and Debbie discuss different habits that we all have for summer and winter.  Do you eat differently, drink different beverages, stay inside or go outside more often?

Grab a cool drink and sit down and join Laurin and Debbie as they talk about what they do differently during the summer months.  We talk about how our lives change during the summer. How we plan our days around the heat if it is really bad.  Hydrating yourself in the summer months is very important.  Do the kids like to play outside in the heat or stay in the house where it is cool?  We discuss how our eating habits change. Do you eat more of the delicious fruit and veggies that are in season?  Salads become a staple but we also find we like to still use our stoves!

Discussion Points:

  • Do you eat more salads?
  • Do you drink hot coffee or iced coffee?
  • Does a day at the beach sound good to you?
  • Would you rather hang out watching movies at home or in the theater?
  • Does your water intake increase? if not it should!!!!