Laurin and Debbie discuss different ideas for a vacation away from home or one near your home.  Do you like to go on vacation and visit family or do you like to go sightseeing?  We offer you several different options and hopefully one of them may appeal to you. We are excited for summer to arrive and for the kids to be out of school.  We are waiting impatiently to get out of the same dull routine that we do for the school year!!  Come join us!

There are so many places we assure not everyone has visited. Have you ever wanted to go backpacking, swimming, sightseeing, or do you just want to hang out in your backyard around the pool and relax.  Do you save up for your vacation and plan it all out or do you take them on a moment’s notice? Vacations are important to take so that you can recharge your body and let your mind rest.

Discussion Points:

  • Vacation or staycation which do you prefer?
  • Camping or staying in a nice hotel with all the amenities?
  • Is it important to take a vacation?
  • Do you like to travel a lot on your vacation?
  • Do you want to spend a lot of money on vacation or minimum amount?


The Busy Ladies have for you handy tips on in-home spa treatments and also share some home remedies!  We discuss how our families handed down home remedies and how we should always take care of ourselves without spending a lot of money. Check out the websites we have included as there’s so many cheap and easy cool ideas!  We hope that you are excited with what we have shared with you today!

Discussion Points:

  • Do you pamper yourself a lot or a little?
  • Do you try to find cheap and easy ways to do facials?
  • Have you ever had an facial or a massage at a spa?
  • Do you use home remedies learned from your family?
  • Is it important to you to take care of your skin and body?


The health site


Beauty Pin

Natural Home Remedies

Join Debbie as she interviews Kalia Prins. She is Miss Skinny Genes, a podcaster, blogger, and on her way to becoming a health coach. Listen as she shares her journey with us and how we met. She is an incredible person with a healthy perspective on life.

kailaKalia tells us about her eating disorder, body image and food journey. How we both agree body image is important but you must first love yourself in order for the rest to fall into place. She talks about her podcast, her blog and her #GratitudeMadLibs!  She has an interesting life story about overcoming disordered eating and distorted body image with real food. You need to check out her Trigger Happy Thursday postings!!


Discussion Points:

  • Do you think you need to diet all the time?
  • Do you follow every fad diet on the planet?
  • Do you think you have a healthy body image?
  • Are you doing this for yourself or for others?
  • Do you have an eating disorder or disordered eating?

Kaila’s Information:

Finding Our Hunger Podcast

In My Skinny Genes

Kaila on Twitter

Debbie and Laurin discuss parenting and let’s see if they have completely different views on the subject or are they similar and just don’t know it! We hope you enjoy our discussion and let us know some of your parenting tips so we can pass them along to our listeners!

Being raised by single parents, being a parent ourselves and being a grandparent does it really take a village to raise a child? We stress the importance that you, your spouse, significant other, and/or grandparents agree on the same parenting tools otherwise children will see you are not in agreement and will certainly play you against each other. We also discuss the positive and the negative aspects we saw growing up but that doesn’t mean we love our parents any less.

Discussion Points:

  • Have you ever taken parenting classes?
  •  Do you think you are a pretty good parent?
  •  Do you parent the same way your parents did?
  •  If you are a single parent do you think parenting is harder for you?
  •  Do you think parenting is an easy or difficult task?


Debbie and Laurin start a new series on kids and parenting!  Our first one deals with kids and their study habits.  Do you go crazy with homework before the kids do? How can we get our kids to do homework and study for tests if they really don’t want to, or don’t care?

Learn as we discuss how we each help or helped our kids with their homework. How do you help your child succeed without harming your relationship with them?  We get a teacher’s perspective, a mother’s perspective and a grandmother’s perspective. Listen as we pass on information which worked for us and what failed, and yes we did fail from time to time. Testing, tutoring, studying, reading, researching is all part of the homework to do list.  Check out the PDF below for some helpful hints.

Discussion Points:

  • Is homework time drama free for you and your family?
  • Are their tutors available in your area or on the web?
  • Is it more important to you for your child to succeed than it is to them?
  • Do you keep the distractions down to a minimum when studying?
  • Do you set a schedule for homework and study in a certain area in your house?


A Parent’s Guide to Good Study Habits (PDF)

Homework help sites

Debbie and Laurin discuss mason jar salads and how they can fit into your busy schedule.  Find out how easy it is to make them and how inexpensive it can be in the long run!  Don’t think of it as too time consuming just give it a try!

Discussion Items:

Today we talk about our experiment with mason jar salads and how it worked and how it may have failed.  Please check out the websites below to see all the options available using these jars.  It was interesting to see if you could make a healthy salad and have it taste good in the first 5 days.  Listen as we let you know that soup can also be made in them also.  These are great lunch ideas and you could even use them as an add-on to your dinner meal. Yes you can make them vegan!!!!

  • When you eat out is it always healthy eating?

  • Will this take up too much of your time to be worth it?

  • Will you really use it on a daily basis?

  • Can you use them as healthy side dishes?

  • Could also make use them to make a quick breakfast or a dessert?


My thoughts on mason jar salads

How  to pack the perfect Salad in a jar

Dessert of the year mason jar cheesecake