Debbie and Laurin continue their discussion on their 21 day challenges. Come join us as we find out how Laurin is doing with her challenge to quit yelling at her kids. Debbie has chosen getting to know yourself better. See if they have risen to the challenge!!

Today we once again let you know how our 21 day challenge is going. Quit yelling at your kids and knowing yourself better are the two challenges that we picked. Listen and see if Debbie has been doing some self-reflection and has she learned anything about herself! Find out if Laurin has been able to change the attitudes in her household. Interesting ideas will be shared so please come and join us!

Stay tuned for a lively discussion with the two of us…. figure out which challenges you need to work on.

Discussion Points:

  • Getting to know yourself better is a lot of self-reflection are you ready for it?
  • Have some of the tools you’ve learned helped in your everyday life?
  • Are you attracted to simplicity or abundance?
  • Have you cut out any distractions so you can focus more on your family?
  • Are you focused on the really important things going on in your life?

Debbie and Laurin talk about a new series from the happiness project. They are doing a 21 day challenge and Laurin has chosen to quit yelling at my kids and Debbie has chosen getting to know yourself better. Interesting concepts are discussed so please join us!


Listen in as we discuss how to stop yelling at your kids and knowing yourself better. Do you know how to quit yelling at your kids? How does it make everyone feel while you are yelling? Do you really know yourself or do others think they know you better. The 21 day challenge will help you with both of these issues. We each choose a different challange so we would have more to discuss with you! Please share with us some of your experiences so we can all become better parents and better people.

Discussion Points:

  • Do you yell at your kids everyday?
  • Do you really know yourself or do you just think you do?
  • Behavior of children how to change it and how to reinforce good behavior
  • Have you find that the first day of change is always the hardest?
  • Are you a radiator or a drain?

Dealing with difficult individuals in the workplace and in everyday life can be frustrating. How do you handle someone who comes into your place of business and is rude, aggressive, insulting and just plain mean.  The Busy Ladies discuss methods to deal with them.


Is there a right way and a wrong way to deal with rude or upset people?  Learn how to hold your temper and get your point across but still assisting that individual to their satisfaction. We provide resources to check out for some pointers which may help.  The Busy Ladies work with the public so they effectively try to assist the difficult person and bring them to an outcome they are hopefully looking for.

Discussion Points:
•    Do you deal with rude aggressive people on a daily basis?
•    Do you get tired after dealing with these types of people?
•    Use the ALERT format and see if it helps you.
•    Have your company send you to trainings if you think this will help you more.
•    Always apologize and always smile


Psychology Today

Debbie discusses New Media Expo and the workshops she attended and the Podcast Awards from a Woman’s perspective. Also, catch a glimpse of some of our future topics.


Join Debbie as she talks about New Media Expo and how much fun she had attending this adventure.  Debbie  says “I learned so much from podcasters I had never heard of before and how fun they make podcasting.” LIsten as she delivers some of the tips learned, such as,  know your topic before you start, do your research, find your niche, make podcasting fun and not a chore.  Look for the experts in podcasting to make your podcast sound that much better.

Discussion Points:
•    Are you new to podcasting?
•    Have you ever attended New Media Expo?
•    Attending New Media Expo can bring life to your podcast.
•    Check out podcasts on iTunes and Two Thumbs Up Media.
•    Listen to other podcasters who can help promote your show.

Websites Discussed


Finding Our Hunger

Chaos Chronicles

The Busy Ladies finish up their series on women and finances. Debbie and Laurin discuss what you should know about your family finances and how to handle them. Learn how to find information you need from websites which we provide for you. We hope with the information provided, women will find themselves in charge of their finances. Find out what other women are doing with their finances and how they are saving and also spending.  Listen as we make it interesting and fun to plan for your future.


•    Are you financially sound?
•    Have you ever used a financial planner?
•    Are you saving enough money towards your retirement?
•    Do you have an emergency fund?
•    Do you save money from each of your paychecks?

Helpful Websites

Debbie and Colleen discuss how to be a financially sound woman who is trying to save for her retirement. Find how to budget so you can target the retirement you desire.  Make yourself a strong financial person who is in charge of their life and destiny. Listen to some of the interesting information we have found on the web to assist you retirement planning.


•    Do you have a certain place you would like to retire?
•    Is there something you really want to do once you retire?
•    Are you saving enough money towards your retirement?
•    Make retirement a reality for you!
•    Are you making any mistakes you may not be aware of?

Helpful Websites