Choosing Your One Word

one word

What did you do for New Year’s?  Did you make a resolution or an intention? Are you trying to be a better person this year?

Debbie and Anaya discuss how they came about with their new year intentions and with insight into what they believe is the difference between a resolution and an intention.  Can just one word change the way you feel about your day?  Do you want to be held accountable with others?  Is it easier if you have someone you can talk to? Try this… The ladies think you might find it easier than trying to keep a resolution! Be positive and don’t be hard on yourself you have each new day to try again. Wait for the change that people will notice in you!

Join the Busy Ladies as discuss their New Year’s intentions.  They have found they can’t keep resolutions so they have decided to try intentions this year and see how that goes!  Find out how we are going to do this! Join in on the fun and excitement!!!

Discussion Points

  • Go to the One Word website and choose your word.
  • Buy some angel cards and choose a word each day
  • Let your word help you each and every day and post it where you can see it.
  • Are you trying to live up to the word your choose.
  • Intentions or resolutions – Which do you think will work best for you?