Christmas From A Grandparents Perspective

Christmas and Grandparents

When it comes to Christmas what are your views? Religious celebration, a meaning of time and love or perhaps Christmas is always an upsetting time for you. Steve and Debbie discuss Christmas from many different angles including gifts.

This time of year, everyone is shopping, decorating and preparing for dinners for the upcoming Christmas holiday. From a Grandparents perspective, Christmas can take on a different emotional and economic presence. Do we offer the same for our Grandchildren as we did for our own children? Between Debbie and Steve their approach has always been the same regardless of generation or income status. The addiction to commercialism has impacted the true meaning and value of Christmas and should not over shadow the importance of giving, Love and family togetherness.

What do you believe are the hot Christmas gifts this year? Following is our prediction:

*  Flat screen Televisions – They have never been cheaper before
*  Electronic devices – All mobile devices are a hot ticket
*  Bicycles – The classic of Christmas gifts
*  Gift Cards – Yes for that person you never know what to get
*  Exercise equipment – Furnish your home with new exercise equipment but don’t let yourself down after that New Year’s resolution

Did you know the family per average spending for Christmas is $700.00. So what are you buying for Christmas? Give us a sneak peek in the comments below.