Continuation the 30 Day Vegan Challange

This week in Episode 31, the Busy Ladies discuss facing new challenges in our lives. For many people, it is hard to try something new. It can be a challenge to change even when it is a positive change for us.

Listen as Colleen, Laurin, and Debbie begin their journey through the book “The 30-day Vegan Challenge” by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. Episode 31 focuses on the ladies first impression of the book, personal goals with the book, and what it means to be Vegan.

Laurin reviews her journey so far in being vegan. She discussed that her favorite portions of the book including creating your goals and intentions (page 25) and stocking a healthful vegan kitchen (page 33). Debbie focuses on ways she can utilize accountability by having an exercise partner or someone to encourage you to remain healthy and push yourself (page 24). Colleen focuses on remembering to constantly challenge yourself. Discusses writing down what you eat throughout the day, which is a great reflection of what you are truly putting into your body (page 23). Colleen also discusses that even though most people assume that becoming a vegan is automatically healthy, everyone needs to remember that there are not so good vegan options including candy like skittles!

Lastly, the Busy Ladies look forward to trying some of the new recipes. Check out “The 30-day Vegan Challenge” by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. Available in paperback and on your Kindle.