Dealing With Difficult Individuals

Dealing with difficult individuals in the workplace and in everyday life can be frustrating. How do you handle someone who comes into your place of business and is rude, aggressive, insulting and just plain mean.  The Busy Ladies discuss methods to deal with them.


Is there a right way and a wrong way to deal with rude or upset people?  Learn how to hold your temper and get your point across but still assisting that individual to their satisfaction. We provide resources to check out for some pointers which may help.  The Busy Ladies work with the public so they effectively try to assist the difficult person and bring them to an outcome they are hopefully looking for.

Discussion Points:
•    Do you deal with rude aggressive people on a daily basis?
•    Do you get tired after dealing with these types of people?
•    Use the ALERT format and see if it helps you.
•    Have your company send you to trainings if you think this will help you more.
•    Always apologize and always smile


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