Emergency Preparedness For Home Disasters

Preparedness Checklist

Have you ever had a home disaster? Has your house or apartment ever been flooded or had a kitchen fire? Has it been damaged by an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or a typhoon? Believe me it can be downright scary!

Join Laurin and Debbie as we discuss our latest home disasters and the renovation process we went through. What should you do in an emergency? Do you have an emergency preparedness kit on hand? Do you know what to put in your emergency kit? If you have camping equipment, an RV or Motorhome what should you have ready to pick up at the moment the disaster strikes. We hope to give you some very helpful information and maybe you won’t stand looking at your home disaster without having an idea of what you need to do next. We will try to help take the panic and anxiety out of the process so please listen to our podcast for helpful hints.

Discussion Points:
Do you flashlights with batteries?
Do you candles and matches?
Do you have a bag near your front door of items to grab on your way out?
Do you have a list of items that you need to have handy that you can grab if needed?
Stop, breathe, do not panic you will be okay!