Fall Recipes, Decorations and Veteran’s Day

With Fall comes warm soups, fall colors, pumpkins, turkey with all the fixings, snuggling in bed and staying warm

Veteran’s Day — Thank you to all the Veteran’s and those currently serving in the military and sacrificing their lives for our freedom. What does Veteran’s Day mean to you? Is it just another day off or does it make your heart skip a beat when seeing the Military in the Veteran’s Day parades?

I witnessed a military funeral today and it never fails to make my heart sad for a lost one whether they were currently serving or were a Veteran. They are all heroes and should be treated with respect and dignity.

Fall a time a beautiful colors and cool weather. Join us a we discuss foods, decorations, time spent together.

1-Fall foods
2-Fall decorating
3-Fall recipes
4-Veteran’s Day

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