Food Allergies And Your Family

Food Allergies

Join us as we talk about the ups and downs of having food allergies and how it affects your everyday life. Listen in as we discuss how those food allergies affect our children/grandchildren and ourselves. Hopefully we can give you some helpful hints and tips in your journey to see if you may have any food allergies.

Should you go to your doctor to see what allergies you may have and to see if they are life threatening?  Following a special diet may be required depending on what your allergy may be.  You may have a hidden allergy and an elimination diet sheet can help you determine what it might be. Should you consider wearing a medical alert bracelet for your allergy. Kids today seem to have the most allergies could that be part of our environment?  The Busy Ladies discuss.
Discussion Points:

  • Do you or anyone in your family have a food allergy?
  • Do you have a special diet you need to follow?
  • Do you carry an EpiPen?
  • How do you tell others you have a food allergy?
  • Do you wear a medical bracelet for emergencies?

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