Generosity Philosophy And George The Generous Giraffe With Kim Trumbo

George The Generous Giraffe

Kim TrumboDebbie is joined with Kim Trumbo from the Generosity Philosophy Podcast.  Join us as we listen to her story on how she got into podcasting, her love of podcasting, and how her show provides her the opportunity to share the generosity of others.  She shares with us how her podcast highlights the heroes who live to give and age is never a factor.

George The Generous GiraffeKim has written a book called George the Generous Giraffe.  We discuss why she thought it was important to write and how much fun she had. Kim continuously inspires others to do more and live by example.  Through our kids, grandkids, family and friends, being generous will encourage others around us to do the same.  Generosity can also be in the form of a talent you may have or just donating your time to a worthy cause it does not have to be monetary!

Kim is a very fascinating and interesting person to talk to. Full of life and energy and we are so glad she shares that with us through her podcasting and books.  Check out her podcast and also if you have children under the age of 8 (she is suggesting) then get her book off Amazon and read it to them or have them read it to you.  Spread generosity wherever you go!!!