The Happiness Project Part 8 – Organization

The Busy Ladies conclude their final series part  on  The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Listen as we wrap up the series.


In the final part of The Happiness Project, Debbie and Laurin discuss what it has brought to their lives and the changes they have made.  They discuss being well organized and how it helps in other areas of our lives, how it makes us feel and makings for a happier home, family, spouse and friends.  Please continue to check out The Happiness Project website and learn new and interesting things daily or monthly. Make a healthy change in your life today!

Discussion Points:

  • Does getting organized drive you a little crazy?
  • Can you handle the messier till you get to the tidier?
  • Make time for yourself everyday.
  • Being a more positive person and getting rid of the negativity.
  • Finding happiness and share that happiness with others.