The Happiness Project Part 7 – Selfishness

This evening we discuss how we believe we are not selfish or self centered as we try to become better people. We try to be a better friend, co worker, parent, spouse, grandparent. Life is hard but trying to follow the Happiness Project has actually been a good thing for both of us. Have you ever noticed when you try to organize yourself things get messier before they get tidier? We talk about how that makes us feel and how we deal with it. We hope you tune in and listen to our conversation. Let us know how your Happiness Project is coming along…we would love to hear from you!


Discussion Points:

  • Are you self-centered and selfish?
  • Does getting organized drive you a little crazy?
  • Can you handle the messier till you get to the tidier?
  • Make time for yourself everyday
  • How are you feeling while working on your Happiness Project?