Are You Prepared For The Holidays?

Are You Prepared For The Holidays

For most, the holiday season is a busy and stressful time of the year but how do you balance time and health to make it an enjoyable experience.  Debbie and Anaya take on the topic of keeping yourself healthy physically and mentally during these times.  Follow your normal routine and eating regularly will help you stay on track and assist so you do not over indulge.

While traveling make sure you stay hydrated and keep snacks available in case of any delays in your plans. Chose your food and drink wisely and do everything in moderation.

Exercise, meditation, yoga or even prayer can be very beneficial to some during the holidays to keep them focused and calm. The key is not to get stressed out so that you can enjoy all the festivities.

The holidays can be especially hard for some if they have recently lost a loved one. The most important thing to try and do is share stories and special foods that they used to make.  Make them a part of the celebration.

Here is wishing all of our listeners a healthy and happy Holiday and a fantastic New Year.