How To Make It Through The Holidays

Join Laurin and Debbie as they talk about how they make it through the Holiday season and keep their sanity!!  Sometimes that is not possible.

Making it through the Holidays and not letting it get the best of you.  Learn how to keep your sanity and still enjoy the Holidays with family and friends.  Give to others to make it a special holiday for everyone. Giving is more important than receiving and we need to make sure that our children are aware of this.  We have so much but others do not so let’s take care of those in our community

1-Make a budget for the items you need for dinner, gifts, etc.

2-De-stress.  Cup of coffee with friends, a massage, a facial

3-Donate a gift and/or food to a needy family in your community

4-Take care of yourself so you are there to take care of others

5-Shop ahead and not waiting to the last minute

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