Improving Study Habits Of Children

School Studies

Debbie and Laurin start a new series on kids and parenting!  Our first one deals with kids and their study habits.  Do you go crazy with homework before the kids do? How can we get our kids to do homework and study for tests if they really don’t want to, or don’t care?

Learn as we discuss how we each help or helped our kids with their homework. How do you help your child succeed without harming your relationship with them?  We get a teacher’s perspective, a mother’s perspective and a grandmother’s perspective. Listen as we pass on information which worked for us and what failed, and yes we did fail from time to time. Testing, tutoring, studying, reading, researching is all part of the homework to do list.  Check out the PDF below for some helpful hints.

Discussion Points:

  • Is homework time drama free for you and your family?
  • Are their tutors available in your area or on the web?
  • Is it more important to you for your child to succeed than it is to them?
  • Do you keep the distractions down to a minimum when studying?
  • Do you set a schedule for homework and study in a certain area in your house?


A Parent’s Guide to Good Study Habits (PDF)

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