The Power Of Motivation

Personal Motivation

The Busy Ladies discuss motivation today. Join us and see if any of our ideas spark your interest. Share with us your ideas so we can all learn from them. Motivation is it easy or difficult for you? We go through each day but are we truly motivated at all times? Let’s decide together to help each other be motivated and make our lives the best possible.  What else can we do? Support and mentor one another.

Do you currently lack motivation? How do you change that in your life? Are you able to motivate yourself or do you wait for others to motivate you?  Learn how we motivate ourselves so we can better inspire others.  You must decide to commit in order to succeed at motivation.  Life can be difficult and we sometimes feel as if failing if we aren’t motivated but is it okay sometimes to do nothing and just let life go by. Listen in as we discuss our struggles, our failures, our successes.

Discussion Points:

  • Does your job motivate you to improve yourself and move on?
  • Does your desire to get a better education motivate you to go back to school?
  • Does your unhealthy lifestyle motivate you to exercise and eat healthier?
  • Does an unhealthy relationship motivate you to get out of it if improvement cannot be achieved.