Ladies Literature and the 30 Day Challenge

Join us as we start a series on the new book The 30 day Vegan Challenge. Here the different opinions from Debbie, Laurin and Colleen on this topic.  Please offer suggestions for other shows and feedback.


Magazines of interest

  • Diabetic Living
  • Family Circle
  • Woman’s Day
  • First for Women
  • All You
  • Real Simple
  • Yoga
  • Journal
  • W
  • Shape
  • Time

Libraries’ are not used as often now that we are in the electronic age but how it is important for kids to use the library and we need to lead by example

The 30-day challenge book we discussed some of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau thoughts and inspirations

  • Are you too old to change
  • Are you skeptical?
  • But I don’t eat a lot of meat or dairy
  • Even if you don’t want to become vegan this can change your eating habits so that you are eating healthier
  • It takes 30 days to change our minds, our way of thinking, our way of changing our lifestyle

Websites of Interest

Diabetic Living
Family Circle
Woman’s Day
All You
Compassionate Cooks