Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving is one of the most stressful challenges.  Are there secrets to making it easier?  The Busy Ladies have moved frequently so what are their tips and tricks?

Show Notes

Tips from the ladies but listen to find all their secrets

Laurin discusses her experiences with moving many times. Techniques include purge and clean while you are getting ready to pack up your stuff and then that way you move less and you get rid of unwanted items. Cleaning tip on how to clean your carpet without using a carpet cleaner by using hot water and adding laundry soap to it and using white rags to scrub it.

Colleen discusses the all essential packing tricks. Tricks include 1) “Open Me First” box–placing items that you will need right away like toothbrush, toothpaste, and toilet paper. 2) Using towels and t-shirts as packing material instead of newspaper. 3) Taping parts that go to bed frames, dressers, table and chairs to the back or underneath of each item so that you don’t have to look and decide which piece goes where or place in a baggie and label to keep them separate.

Debbie discusses tips to help everyone in the moving process including remembering to turn in change of address forms,  notifying your credit card companies, and utilize online tools to connect and disconnect service. Tips for moving short distances include packing the truck and items that go into your car and the fact that it appears harder to move from house to house than it is to move across country. Most important tip: making sure that if you use movers to feed them!!!  They will in turn take care of your stuff and pack it carefully and then unload it carefully.