Musicals, movies and dance shows

Musicals, movies and dance shows. How they have impacted the community and industry?

Television Entertainment

  • Sing off
  • American Idol
  • America’s Got Talent
  • The Voice
  • So You Think You Can Dance

Musical Entertainment

  • Grease and Grease 2
  • Singing in the Rain

Interesting Stats

American idolNielsen Media Research has a fascinating new report called “The Impact of Television on Music Consumption.” Naturally, it includes a lot of information about American Idol. Some of the more interesting tidbits in the report:

  • A performance of a song on American Idol has a positive sales impact on the original for eight weeks after the performance.
  • Shows like the Grammys: Jump in album sales after the Grammys. Album sales increased 17 percent overall, with country and alternative music seeing the biggest percentage gains.

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