Parenting From Two Perspectives

Debbie and Laurin discuss parenting and let’s see if they have completely different views on the subject or are they similar and just don’t know it! We hope you enjoy our discussion and let us know some of your parenting tips so we can pass them along to our listeners!

Being raised by single parents, being a parent ourselves and being a grandparent does it really take a village to raise a child? We stress the importance that you, your spouse, significant other, and/or grandparents agree on the same parenting tools otherwise children will see you are not in agreement and will certainly play you against each other. We also discuss the positive and the negative aspects we saw growing up but that doesn’t mean we love our parents any less.

Discussion Points:

  • Have you ever taken parenting classes?
  •  Do you think you are a pretty good parent?
  •  Do you parent the same way your parents did?
  •  If you are a single parent do you think parenting is harder for you?
  •  Do you think parenting is an easy or difficult task?