Salads And More In A Mason Jar

Debbie and Laurin discuss mason jar salads and how they can fit into your busy schedule.  Find out how easy it is to make them and how inexpensive it can be in the long run!  Don’t think of it as too time consuming just give it a try!

Discussion Items:

Today we talk about our experiment with mason jar salads and how it worked and how it may have failed.  Please check out the websites below to see all the options available using these jars.  It was interesting to see if you could make a healthy salad and have it taste good in the first 5 days.  Listen as we let you know that soup can also be made in them also.  These are great lunch ideas and you could even use them as an add-on to your dinner meal. Yes you can make them vegan!!!!

  • When you eat out is it always healthy eating?

  • Will this take up too much of your time to be worth it?

  • Will you really use it on a daily basis?

  • Can you use them as healthy side dishes?

  • Could also make use them to make a quick breakfast or a dessert?


My thoughts on mason jar salads

How  to pack the perfect Salad in a jar

Dessert of the year mason jar cheesecake