Seven Stages of Grief – Part 5 The Upward Turn

Busy Ladies continue their series on Grief. This week they discuss the upward turn.  Find out how you are going to start feeling even if it doesn’t happen right away and  your future will begin to look a little brighter.  Find out how you are not alone out there and where to find help.

Turning your life around

  • Will it happen fast or slowly
  • Will you even notice that it is happening
  • How did you turn your life around

Do you have a plan

  • Being organized will help in turning your life around
  • Have you set a plan in place to handle all the paperwork – have you prepared yourself for most situations that may pop up

Do you have a good support group

  • Do you have friends and family who are there for you
  • Have you joined a grief support group
  • Have you checked out websites that could help you cope

Help for you is out there!  Join a support group, go see a doctor, share with your friends and family and let them know you need them now more than ever.

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