Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has sprung and it is passed due for your spring cleaning. Need some tips to help you finish your spring cleaning this week. Listen has the Busy Ladies discuss de-cluttering, cleaning supplies, and the all important cleaning tips. Let the Busy Ladies help your place sparkle.

Show Notes

1) De-cluttering:
– Walk around with a box and gather things you don’t need. Use the time in between tv shows to clean things up.
– Closet: Hang all your hangers backward to start. Each time you wear a item, rehang the item on a hanger facing the right direction after you wash it. At the end, it makes it easy to quickly see which clothes you wear so that you can pass the rest on.
– Reduce paperwork around the house by scanning the paperwork and saving it on your computer.

2) Cleaning Supplies:
– Vinegar as a cleaning supply
– Use vinegar and newspapers for cleaning windows
– Rain-ex on shower doors for water spots
– Getting rid of the cobwebs with a broom

3) Cleaning Tips:
– Use loofa to clean fiberglass tub
– Don’t forget the details of cleaning door frames and baseboards…. it will pay off
– Washing all curtains and blinds can help brighten up a room. Clean blinds by hanging blinds over the fence and washing off with the hose.

Listen has the Busy Ladies and end with a clean house!