Summertime habits – Do you have any favorites

Are you waiting impatiently to get out of the same dull routine that we do when the kids are in school!!  Laurin and Debbie discuss different habits that we all have for summer and winter.  Do you eat differently, drink different beverages, stay inside or go outside more often?

Grab a cool drink and sit down and join Laurin and Debbie as they talk about what they do differently during the summer months.  We talk about how our lives change during the summer. How we plan our days around the heat if it is really bad.  Hydrating yourself in the summer months is very important.  Do the kids like to play outside in the heat or stay in the house where it is cool?  We discuss how our eating habits change. Do you eat more of the delicious fruit and veggies that are in season?  Salads become a staple but we also find we like to still use our stoves!

Discussion Points:

  • Do you eat more salads?
  • Do you drink hot coffee or iced coffee?
  • Does a day at the beach sound good to you?
  • Would you rather hang out watching movies at home or in the theater?
  • Does your water intake increase? if not it should!!!!