The Joy of Grandparenting


One of the greatest joys of life is becoming a Grandparent.  Certainly there are numerous phases of emotion and thought when the time approaches; however, life will reward you with a special gift.  Steve and Debbie discuss their lives with three Grandchildren and the impact it has had from the beginning to now being teenagers.  As Debbie states “They are the light of my life. They still like hanging out with us so that makes me super happy”.


  • Phases in finding out your are going to be a Grandparent – Shock, disbelief (I’m to young for that), happiness.
  • Difference between your own kids and grandkids.
  • Remembering your own Grandparents.
  • It’s a different type of relationship.
  • Watching our kids raising their own.
  • When distance becomes a factor.
  • Remember just be there for them.