The Perfect Houseguest Or Host


The Busy Ladies bring up the topic of how to be the perfect houseguest or host/hostess. Have you ever been a houseguest?  Have you ever been the host/hostess? Were you a good houseguest or were you one of those that will never be invited back? Do you know which one you are?  We let you in on a few secrets on how to be the best houseguest to ensure you are invited back.

Being a host/hostess can be hard work if you let it. We share ideas on how to make it smooth for both you and your guest. Listen as Anaya discusses her recent vacation and will share how her hostess treated them and how they responded.

Busy Ladies also address visiting your own family or having your family visit.  Debbie discusses her approach to guests and family including her method of the first time you visit you are a guest and the next time you visit, you are family.  This concept implies guests are welcome to anything in the refrigerator and pantry, but  help yourself, clean up after yourself and pitch in where needed. Don’t make your host/hostess work double only because you are on vacation.

Are you allowed to bring your pets with you for your visit?  Busy Ladies gives you tips including checking first with your host/hostess and don’t assume it will be okay. This also pertains to unexpected guests you may bring with you so use your manners by confirming all guests before showing up.

Treat their home better than you would treat yours. Be respectful, be courteous and above all else have the best time ever.  Find the local hot spots you can check out.  Don’t forget to say thank you as you leave from your visit!