Traveling during the Pandemic

During the year of COVID-19, we had to improvise on our travel plans. California, where we live, has basically been shut down for months. We had to cancel our yearly trip with our daughter and her boyfriend. But we didn’t want that to stop us. We still had to figure out a way to use our RV since the payments didn’t stop!!! So, we decided to take mini trips.

These mini trips were designed to stay close to home with the RV parks that were open before the total lockdown. Knowing we could go out in our RV and still social distance, as the spots are pretty far apart. We knew that we could sit outside in the sunshine and relax and not think about what was happening in the world, even if it was just for a weekend. Our dogs love to go out too. It proved to save our sanity!

We went to Pomona one weekend where we usually go to watch the NHRA races and stayed in a beautiful RV park. It was spacious, clean, and my husband’s cooking kept our stomachs full! Our daughter and her boyfriend joined us and we had a great time hanging outside, taking walks, and of course social distancing. I am really beginning to dislike that word!

We took our rig out for a couple of lunches. Our first trip was to an empty mall and that was a little weird to see. We parked in the parking lot and brought our lunch and enjoyed the day. The one good thing about having your own RV is you also have your own bathroom especially when all the stores, restaurants and fast-food places are closed.

Our next trip was to Bravo Farms in Kettleman City, CA. We decided to end the year with a day trip. We parked in the lot and ordered lunch and brought it back to our RV to eat even though they had plenty of tables available to use. They were following all the State guidelines. I don’t want them to get blamed for something they didn’t do. We then walked through their gift shop all masked up and shopped and bought some yummy snacks. It was a fantastic day trip and not knowing what the new year will bring we are still going to plan more trips. We are hoping we can do our yearly trip, but it might even have to be out of state.

Remember that while you are traveling, please be safe and follow the guidelines where you are and above all else have a great time!!!