Vacation Destinations Suitable for Kids

In Episode 29 the Busy Ladies discuss vacation destinations suitable for kids.

Show Notes

  • All 3 of us have been to Washington DC so we discuss the Vietnam Wall, Lincoln at the Ford theater, Arlington Cemetery and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
  • Camping at the beach and in the mountains and how kids eat non-healthy foods during that time and leaving the electronics at home.
  • Should a friend come on a family vacation and if so is it really then just a family vacation?
  • The importance of vacation and the “remember when we did this statements” and how our children, now adults, still remember the time grandma burned their socks in the fire because they were so dirty they would never come clean.
  • Road trips and the games you can play in the car and while hanging out together like:  Car bingo, cards, charades, telling scary stories, car breaks down, no hotel rooms, traveling cross country with small children.

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