Vacations And Staycations

Laurin and Debbie discuss different ideas for a vacation away from home or one near your home.  Do you like to go on vacation and visit family or do you like to go sightseeing?  We offer you several different options and hopefully one of them may appeal to you. We are excited for summer to arrive and for the kids to be out of school.  We are waiting impatiently to get out of the same dull routine that we do for the school year!!  Come join us!

There are so many places we assure not everyone has visited. Have you ever wanted to go backpacking, swimming, sightseeing, or do you just want to hang out in your backyard around the pool and relax.  Do you save up for your vacation and plan it all out or do you take them on a moment’s notice? Vacations are important to take so that you can recharge your body and let your mind rest.

Discussion Points:

  • Vacation or staycation which do you prefer?
  • Camping or staying in a nice hotel with all the amenities?
  • Is it important to take a vacation?
  • Do you like to travel a lot on your vacation?
  • Do you want to spend a lot of money on vacation or minimum amount?