Vaccinations as the years have gone by

Discussion on flu shots and vaccinations kids need for school. Also discussed are the changes in vaccinations as the years have gone by.

• Immune-insurance policy
• Body comes with millions of different antibodies but the ones you need may not be available when you need it
• Safe does not mean without “risk”
• Play it safe by giving your child vaccinations
• Many believe they are effective…. do you?

Flu shots:
• Good for you?
• How many become seriously ill after the flu shot?
• Allergies to eggs? Why does that matter?

• Prevents 20,500 infant deaths a year in the US
• Polio vaccine alone saves $100 billion a year that would be spent caring for polio victims
• All 17 childhood vaccines combined may carry serious risks for anywhere from 1 child to 2,000 to 1 child in 10,000—are you willing to take that risk?