Woman’s Perspective On New Media Expo And Podcasting

Woman and Podcasting

Debbie discusses New Media Expo and the workshops she attended and the Podcast Awards from a Woman’s perspective. Also, catch a glimpse of some of our future topics.


Join Debbie as she talks about New Media Expo and how much fun she had attending this adventure.  Debbie  says “I learned so much from podcasters I had never heard of before and how fun they make podcasting.” LIsten as she delivers some of the tips learned, such as,  know your topic before you start, do your research, find your niche, make podcasting fun and not a chore.  Look for the experts in podcasting to make your podcast sound that much better.

Discussion Points:
•    Are you new to podcasting?
•    Have you ever attended New Media Expo?
•    Attending New Media Expo can bring life to your podcast.
•    Check out podcasts on iTunes and Two Thumbs Up Media.
•    Listen to other podcasters who can help promote your show.

Websites Discussed


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