Women and Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer of women. What are you going to do to help prevent heart disease? Join the Busy Ladies as they start their 5 week series on the top 5 health issues pertaining to women.

Show Notes

The top 5 health issues pertaining to women include heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression, and autoimmune disease. Listen as the Busy Ladies focus on the topic of heart disease this week.

Laurin, Colleen, and Debbie discuss that heart disease is not a “so-called man’s disease” and the impact it has on women.

1)      Heart Disease Stats
a.       An estimated 42 million American women live with cardiovascular disease, but too many are unaware of the threat they face.
b.      More than 8 million women have a history of heart attack and/or angina. (Angina is chest pain that occurs when an area of your heart muscle doesn’t get enough oxygen-rich blood.)
c.       Heart disease is the leading cause of death of American women, killing more than a third of them.

2)      Heart Disease Impacts/ How Heart Disease Has Touched Our Lives
a.       Effects families/friends
b.      Increase risks when you smoke, don’t exercise, etc.

3)      Prevention
a.       Take the Healthy Heart Challenge – this is a 31 day plan created by Dr. Oz to help improve heart health.
b.      Know your numbers (blood pressure, cholestertol (good & bad), Triglycerides, etc.
c.       Have a healthy BMI
d.      Exercise – walk 30 minutes per day to get your heart rate up.
e.       Change/monitor what you eat
f.       Choose your birth control carefully
g.      “Heart Healthy At Any Age” – find preventive measures based on your age at Go Red for Women
h.      Ask your doctor

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