Women’s Perspective in a Man’s World

Women’s perspective in a man’s world. Listen as the Busy Ladies discuss interactions in a male atmosphere such as getting appliances repaired, going to the auto part store, and gender roles.

Show Notes

Laurin, Debbie, and Colleen explore what they have experienced when dealing with “male dominated” atmospheres. This week’s episode discusses:

1) Experiences with getting appliances such as your dryer fixed, getting your car repaired, or talking to cable companies.

2) Automotive Advice – Certified Female Friendly: Discussion of website askpatty.com which has forums and searches for female friendly automotive assistance. Perfect for those who are intimidated by the auto industry.

3) Power of Technology & Education: using google and other internet resources to troubleshoot in order to try to fix problems before calling for help or to gain knowledge beforehand.

4) Male Dominated Careers vs. Women Dominated Careers: How do terms like fireman vs. firefighter impact the way our culture looks at gender in different careers? How have gender roles have changed over the years? Listen as Busy Ladies explore the future of gender roles and how future generations will impact or be impacted by gender roles.

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