Your Body Relationship – Overcoming Weight Obsession With Lemuela Christina Duskis

Lemuela Christina Duskis

Debbie is joined with Lemuela Christina Duskis the author of Your Body Relationship – Overcoming Weight Obsession.  Lemuela explains why she decided to write the book so let’s follow her journey to where she is today.  She has a fascinating personality and shares it with us through our conversation all on the Busy Ladies show.

Honoring your body and how to reach that goal

Debbie and Lemuela discuss how society has made it hard for women, men and children to love the body we are born with. Begin your relationship by talking to your body and asking yourself questions that she has written throughout her book.

By reading her book you can learn how to be a part of the Love your body cycle and not the Abuse your body cycle.  Acknowledge your thoughts about your body and witness the changes that will start to happen to your body and mindset.

body relationshipPurchase her book so that you can learn about your body relationship and enlighten yourself.  You can purchase it on Amazon.  Listen to today’s show for the deal that she is offering for the first 5 people who buy her book.   Lemuela has a facebook group page at: Your body relationship book club